Portland, Oregon


300 Tickets


CS:GO, Hearthstone, Rocket League, LoL

About pnwLAN

Pacific Northwest LAN (AKA pnwLAN) is a LAN event hosted in Portland, Oregon. Gamers from all over Portland can bring their computers to play video games together and compete for prizes.

We created this event to be as interactive and inclusive as possible with our community and strive to run a LAN where we’re holding the tournaments and games you want to play. Our team also values and appreciates feedback! Please send us your comments or suggestions so we can continue to improve our event!

Games at the upcoming LAN @ the PDX expo center

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Our waiver will be available on the LAN Reg website. Look for a link that says "Waiver." Please sign and bring to the event and submit to one of our friendly staff. 🙂
Unfortunately no. However, you can sell or give your ticket away to someone in our forums. Just click on the ticket trading category. (forums currently under construction)
Please create an account HERE through LAN REG to register. After you register you can find our pnwLAN event (once its posted). Events will have assigned seating. Please select your seat and reach out to us for any group reservations!

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Standard seat with 3 feet of space and 2 power outlets.

Exclusive Seat


A little extra space to accompany dual monitors without buying 2 seats.

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